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Federal Trade Commission Home page info on the Fair Credit Reporting Act

US Department of Justice ADA Homage

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Home page

Federal Bureau of Investigation Home page

Excellent overall source for laws, guidelines and referrals

Complete text of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Department of Labor Home page

Info on US Family and Medical Leave Act

The Guide to FMLA and Addiction Recovery

Guide to hiring Welfare to Work candidates

Department of Labor Posters

Small Business Administration Home page

US Department of Transportation Home page

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration drug/alcohol testing regulations

National Human Resources Association

National Association of Manufacturers

Society for Human Resources Management

Information on anti-discrimination laws (federal & California)

A complete list of all state Labor Offices

Online law dictionary

FindLaw - Online legal research site

OSHA's Home page

OSHA Fact Sheet

Social Security Administration Home page

US Tax Code online

Americans with Disabilities Act

National standards to protect the privacy of personal health information (HIPAA)

RTT Tools - Data Recovery Software

Inc. Magazine

Eflexgroup - COBRA Administration

Laws Online - Provide thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, legal forms, law firms, experts witnesses and court reporters quickly and easily.

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